365 - 92-94


We are finally finishing the last room in our house! In the basement there was a garage that we wanted to make a family/workout room. It has been the last project since we bought the place a little over a year ago. The drywall and ceiling was finished last week. Seeing as we are leaving next week for vacation, I have been a little frazzled trying to get it done before we leave. First I had to mud and tape the drywall

Then I needed to paint before I can put in the flooring...

Hopefully tomorrow will see us taking all of the trash to the dump!

Can't wait for vacation and especially the "meet and shoot", I think I am going to need it!!!!!!!


Tracy April 29, 2010 at 10:46 AM  

YEAH! Looks like a mess, which means PROGRESS!

Can't wait either!!!

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