Whirlwind continued


My oldest plays basketball for our local homeschool league. This year they didn't have enough players for JV and varsity so he played on both teams. Since it is a homeschool team we have to travel all over the area playing not only other homeschoolers but also Christian schools. This year for the end of the season we had a tournament out of state. It wasn't too bad of a drive, just a three hour trip one way. It was a double elimination so we knew we would have to stay over night. Anyway, one of the mothers on the girl's team took initiative to call the hotels to get us a discount, an oversight on my part. Next year I will definitely take that responsibility! Because we are a sports team, one of the local hotels gave us a good discount. I never knew I was such a hotel snob but I have to say after where we stayed I will no longer stay at a place like that again if I can help it. I will pay a little extra to stay at a well known chain.

It was an experience from the moment we stepped into the lobby and were greeted by the two "gentlemen" at the front counter, to when we drove around to our room and caught glimpse of the permanent occupants. We opened the front door of our room and were greeted with stained carpet, cracked ceilings, and a bathroom door that didn't shut completely, not to mention the front door you could see light through. To say it was a long and somewhat stressful night is putting it lightly. However we survived and can chalk it up to interesting memories!!!


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