Whirlwind week


Last week and the first of this one was such a whirlwind it took forever to unwind from it. It helped that I told my kids I refuse to go anywhere for a while and I feel I can catch up. My classes are over for two weeks so I have been trying to focus on some of my other obsessions  interests like photography, setting up my blog, planning my garden and catching up on my fun reading. The first thing I did was read my new Ted Dekker book Burn. I have had it since the begining of February but hadn't been able to sit down and read for fun! So to recap last week I thought I would just share some of the fun highlight.

Last week started out with a Mom's retreat where me and three of my good friends headed off to a beautiful resort to just relax and get away. We ended up staying up late, laughing, sharing, hiking, soaking in the hot tub and eating way too much. O, and they also made me sit through a chick flick which is not my favorite genre in the least. Here are a few pictures of us acting silly (thankfully I am taking the pictures and are not in them)....

Another one of where we planted ourselves when we were not in the hot tub...

One of the days we took a two mile hike, which was fun but the weather was cold and dreary!

All in all we had a great time... We even got to listen to live music by a homeschool dad who really knew how to play a guitar. We left that place changing how people think of homeschool moms!! It was fun while it lasted but we were all ready to be home with our families.

The end of the week saw me heading out of state with my two boys for a basketball tournament. But that in itself is another story for another day.....


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